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the mattress matchmaker quiz

Which GoodMorning.com mattress is your best match?

Your custom results are calculated from:

  • 25,000+ verified owner reviews
  • Engineer lab testing reports
  • 50+ unique behaviour & comfort preferences
  • A decade’s worth of primary consumer research

Free personalized recommendations

Tailored responses based on your needs & preferences

The Mattress Matchmaker Quiz gives you personalized mattress recommendations by comparing your responses to the real-life outcomes of tens of thousands of mattress shoppers.

What you’ll receive:

  • Your top recommended mattress
  • Detailed descriptions on why it’s your best match
  • The closest runner-up

*Please note: The Cherry mattress is temporarily excluded from the quiz results while we gather enough owner data for valid results.

More accurate than trusting your gut!

Leveraging big data for a better night’s sleep

Quiz takers who purchased one of their recommended mattresses were 10.1% less likely to return their purchase compared to those who opted to buy a mattress from the GoodMorning.com collection not included in their quiz results.

*Based on all quiz completions from the current version of the Mattress Mattress Quiz algorithm, sampled from 5/10/2021 to 4/22/2022.

Over 130,000 Shoppers Have Used the Mattress Matchmaker Quiz

Such a life changer!

It’s the first time that my husband and I decided to really invest in our sleep and we had no idea where to start. From the quiz that we both took, it landed on [the Logan & Cove] mattress and I have to say that it’s such a life changer.

Jenny R.
Extremely satisfied!

I'm glad we took the quiz! I don't think I would have chosen the [Novosbed Soft mattress] outright, but we opted for it, as recommended, and we love it. Both very happy and sleeping well.

Brittany C.
Very Pleased with the Douglas Mattress

The Mattress Matchmaker quiz was very helpful for suggesting what mattress was best suited for me and the results were spot on since I chose the Douglas mattress and am very happy with my purchase.

Michael M.
Easy to choose the right mattress

As a result of doing the quiz to determine the best mattress, we chose Logan & Cove. Best decision we ever made! So comfortable and delivery and setup were a breeze!

Jeannine V.
Relief !!!

After tons of online research and comparisons, I decided on the Novobed Soft version based on the Mattress Matchmaker Quiz. … I'm beyond pleased and I'm getting the best sleep i've had in years.

John T.
Love our Douglas Mattress

I loved the quiz to help us pick the right mattress. It was delivered super fast also.

Suzanne D.
1 / 5

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