Disclaimer: We are owned and operated by GoodMorning.com. We hire 3rd-party engineers and use public data to rate mattresses on over 30 criteria we believe important. Brands we own – Douglas, Full Moon by GoodMorning.com, Logan & Cove, and Novosbed – are reviewed and advertised where indicated. Views expressed here are our opinions only. Full details.


Disclaimer: We are owned and operated by GoodMorning.com. We hire 3rd-party engineers and use public data to rate mattresses on over 25 criteria that we believe are important. Brands we own – Douglas, Logan & Cove, and Novosbed – are reviewed and advertised where indicated. Views expressed here are our opinions only. Full details.

Website Ownership Disclaimer

Mattress-Reviews.com is owned, operated, and paid for by GoodMorning.com Inc. (GoodMorning.com). GoodMorning.com Inc., previously known as Novosbed Inc., also owns the Novosbed, Douglas, Logan & Cove, and Full Moon by GoodMorning.com brands.

Review Process Disclaimer

Although GoodMorning.com Inc. has an inherent bias in favour of its own products, GoodMorning.com Inc. strives to keep Mattress-Reviews.com as objective as possible in order to provide accurate content to its readers. All mattresses featured on Mattress-Reviews.com are evaluated by third-party engineering consultants (commissioned by us). The results from their controlled tests are included as part of a scoring system that incorporates over 20 additional criteria we believe are important in determining the overall value of a mattress. GoodMorning.com Inc. strives to make the best mattresses according to these criteria and believes that its mattresses meet these criteria better than the competition. Accordingly, you will find that GoodMorning.com mattresses are consistently ranked among the top mattresses on our website.

GoodMorning.com obtains mattresses directly from mattress retailer websites and/or competitor managed marketplace stores, like those found on Amazon. Mattress retailers may also contact Mattress-Reviews or GoodMorning.com Inc. directly, and provide a mattress free of charge, in order for us to use third-party engineers to test and for Mattress-Reviews.com to publish a mattress review.

The list below shows all mattresses obtained for review and comparison purposes. Also included is information regarding the retailer website or location, order date, and total purchase amount (excluding sales tax, promotions, and shipping):

Mattress BrandPurchase LocationOrder DateTotal Purchase Amount (excl. Tax, Promotions, Shipping)
Amerisleep (AS3)www.amerisleep.ca2018-05-30$1,399 USD
Casper Original (V1)www.casper.com2017-03-01$1,175 CAD
Casper Original (V2)www.casper.com2018-07-03$1,175 CAD
Casper Original (V4)www.casper.com2020-05-22$1,165 CAD
GhostBed Classicwww.ghostbed.ca2021-03-15$1,249 CAD
Nectarwww.nectarsleep.com2018-10-15$824 USD
Saatva Luxury Firmwww.saatvamattress.com2017-04-28$999 USD

*The prices above represent what we paid for the indicated mattress and may not be the current retail prices. All prices used on Mattress-Reviews.com found in review and comparison articles, as well as score calculations, are accurate, to the best of our knowledge, as of March 17, 2022.

Every mattress purchased or received by GoodMorning.com for evaluation on Mattress-Reviews.com goes through identical mattress testing procedures. GoodMorning.com commissioned third-party engineering firms, Pure Mosaic Ltd., Rus-Tec Engineering Ltd., and Techtree Engineering Ltd. to conduct all mattress testing.

At the time of testing, Techtree Engineering Ltd. were members of APEGA (“The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta”), and both testing methodology and testing results contain the engineer’s official APEGA validation stamp. The full engineering testing report and methodology can be found here.

All mattress testing was completed at a location owned or managed by the third-party engineers. GoodMorning.com Inc. employees were not present during the testing.

All photographs on Mattress-Reviews.com of mattresses being tested used were taken by Pure Mosaic. Ltd., Rus-Tec Engineering Ltd., or Techtree Engineering Ltd. during the testing process. Pure Mosaic Ltd., Rus-Tec Engineering Ltd., and Techtree Engineering Ltd. were financially compensated for the mattress testing.

Statistics regarding averages for mattress firmness, edge support, motion isolation, and bounce are based on the number of mattresses we tested up to that point, and may not be accurate across the entire industry. Because spectrum ratings are determined on a curve, these numbers may also change subsequently as outlier results require the rating curve to be adjusted in order to accommodate new data.

We use these test results along with publicly available information found on mattress retailer websites and in physical retail stores to assign an overall rating for each mattress reviewed on Mattress-Reviews.com. A formula has been created with key mattress characteristics weighted accordingly. The weighted characteristics used to generate an overall rating are:

  • Dollar Amount Below $1,000 USD (Queen Size, Regular Price)
  • Mattress is Available to Try in Store in the USA
  • Mattress is Manufactured in the USA
  • Mattress is Delivered in a Box
  • Free Shipping to Major Metropolitan Regions
  • Sleep Trial Length (Nights)
  • Warranty Length (Years)
  • Number of Layers
  • High-Density Memory Foam Usage
  • Perforated Foam Usage
  • Cooling Gel Usage
  • Polymer Technology Usage
  • Conduit Foam Usage
  • Pocketed Coils Usage
  • Micro-Coils Usage
  • Central Zone Reinforcement Beneath Hips/Back
  • Machine-Washable Cover
  • CertiPur-US® Registered
  • Mattress Is Available in Multiple Firmness Options
  • Fully Integrated Adjustable Firmness System (Softer/Firmer)
  • Mattress Edge Support
  • Mattress Motion Isolation
  • Retailer Picks up Returns
  • Retailer Provides Full Refund
  • Retailer Publicly Discloses Country of Origin on Website
  • Company is A+ Accredited by the Better Business Bureau
  • Number of Onsite Reviews

The public document used for mattress rating information can be found here.

Content Accuracy Disclaimer

At the time of writing reviews, the information we gleaned from the various mattress websites is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

Please note: our reviews do not speak for future versions of these mattresses.

Affiliate Relationship Disclaimer

GoodMorning.com Inc. no longer receives affiliate payments from mattress companies to review products on Mattress-Reviews.com through direct affiliate partnerships or through external affiliate relationships like that offered by Amazon.  

Every page with links to GoodMorning.com Inc. properties contains a disclaimer in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

GoodMorning.com Inc. is no longer a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. 

Via Mattress-Reviews.com, GoodMorning.com Inc. had a previous affiliate relationship with the following companies:

  • Bear
  • BedJet
  • Helix
  • Hyphen
  • Jysk
  • Layla
  • Luxi
  • Nest Bedding
  • Plushbeds
  • Polysleep
  • Puffy
  • Purple
  • Saatva
  • Sweet Zzz
  • Voila
  • Wayfair

Via Mattress-Reviews.com, GoodMorning.com Inc. has received a free mattress from the following companies for review and comparison purposes:

  • Polysleep