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Our Review Process by Novosbed uses data from fully certified, third-party engineers, publicly available specifications, and information gleaned directly from retailer’s customer service departments to review the most popular mattress brands. For each and every mattress we review, we make the information as detailed as possible, giving you data that you can use to make an informed decision. Our review articles include statistics regarding motion isolation, edge support, bounce, firmness, and more. Please take some time to read through our reviews as you search for the perfect mattress to suit your needs.

BrandMattress TypePrice (Queen)Review
NovosbedMemory Foam$1,099 USD / $1,299 CADREAD REVIEW
DouglasFoam$799 CADREAD REVIEW
Logan & CoveHybrid$1,099 CADREAD REVIEW
AmerisleepMemory Foam$1,399 USDREAD REVIEW
BearMemory Foam$925 USDREAD REVIEW
Beautyrest BlackHybrid$3,374 CADREAD REVIEW
Bloom AirMemory Foam$795 CADREAD REVIEW
Bloom CloudMemory Foam$995 CADREAD REVIEW
Bloom EarthMemory Foam$395 CADREAD REVIEW
Bloom MistMemory Foam$595 CADREAD REVIEW
CasperFoam$950 USD / $1,175 CADREAD REVIEW
Classic Brands 6 InchFoam$206.08 USD / $278.22 CADREAD REVIEW
Classic Brands 8 InchFoam$244.99 USD / $353.92 CADREAD REVIEW
FleepFoam$899 USD / $899 CADREAD REVIEW
HamuqHybrid$949 CADREAD REVIEW
HelixHybrid$995 USD / $1,300 CADREAD REVIEW
iComfortMemory Foam$1,499 USD / $2,880 CADREAD REVIEW
LaylaMemory Foam$899 USDREAD REVIEW
LeesaFoam$940 USD / $1,190 CADREAD REVIEW
LucidFoam$193.50 USD / $469.99 CADREAD REVIEW
NoraFoam$749 USD / $899 CADREAD REVIEW
PolysleepMemory Foam$770 CADREAD REVIEW
PuffyFoam$1,150 USDREAD REVIEW
PurplePolymer, Foam$999 USD / $1,399 CADREAD REVIEW
SaatvaHybrid$1,099 USDREAD REVIEW
Sealy PosturepedicMemory Foam$1,650 CADREAD REVIEW
TempurpedicMemory Foam$2,599 USD / $3,239 CADREAD REVIEW
Tuft & NeedleFoam$575 USD / $1,000 CADREAD REVIEW
ZinusMemory Foam$339 USD / $399 CADREAD REVIEW